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Micron Facility Management is a highly specialized company for cleaning and hospitality. Working hand in hand with different clients and establishments both for commercial and residential buildings such as offices, hotels, banks, malls, schools, etc.

It provides cleaning services, household aide, and hospitality on a contractual basis & on-demand.

Create a support system to aide workmen during busy hours. Entities may continue working while we do the cleaning to ensure a dirt-free & healthy environment. And to provide excellent hospitality services for long-term customer patronage at the advantage of our client.


To exceed customer satisfaction and benchmark the cleaning and hospitality industry by providing excellent service to all our clients. Thus, building a solid partnership with each of our clients is of utmost importance to us. Their insatiable confidence and trust given to us will be our edge to have stability and development in the industry.


With Micron Facility Management, quality of service is a must.


Manpower: Aim at providing the best quality of service, Micron Facility Management ensures that all staff is well-trained and well-mannered. Fluent in handling cleaning equipment and cordially attends to every guest's needs.

Service: We provide custom-designed services that will surely meet the client's requirements. Organized and timely execution of services, an affordable price that guarantees customer patronage.


Safety: Our business is people and they are very important to us. Micron Facility Management ensures that our worker's safety and security are on top. That's why we are considering ocular inspection or visitation on the location where our staff will be deployed to ensure that their working condition will not be detrimental to their health.

Trust: Building client trust is our number one concern. Consistent monitoring of the performances of our workers is important. Micron Facility Management conducts spot-checks and surprises visits by our supervisor to make sure that workers are carrying out their job exceeding what is expected.

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